Cyclone Mocha to hit India's eastern coast next week

Currently located over the Andaman Sea, it will intensify in the coming days.

The Indian Meteorological Department issued an orange alert for Odisha and West Bengal, warning of heavy rainfall and strong winds.

Fishermen advised not to venture out to sea, coastal residents to stay indoors.

Indian Navy, Coast Guard, and National Disaster Response Force on high alert, preparing to tackle any possible damage.

Odisha state government monitoring situation, taking necessary measures to ensure public safety.

West Bengal state government also issued an alert and asked people to take precautions.

India's eastern coast is prone to cyclones during the monsoon season.

Cyclone Mocha poses a significant threat to India's eastern coast. People in affected areas should take necessary precautions, and the Indian government and other agencies are working to mitigate the potential damage.

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